Novelty Mounts For Sale

Antler chandeliers
- custom made with Whitetail Deer, Elk and Moose antlers.
Antler Chandeliers Antler Lamps Chandeliers Made From Antlers

Gun Racks
- freeze dried game hooves mounted on hardwood plaques.

Mounted Deer Butt
- great gift for your best friend.

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Buffalo Bison Skulls

These skulls are bleached and cleaned and come with the horn caps.

2 year olds start at around $150 and have a span of 25 to 27 inches between the horns. The skull will measure between 19 and 21 inches from the nose to the back of the head.

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More Gift Ideas

  • Freeze dry your mother-in-law's decease pet.
  • Parrots and Parakeets that look great but don't make a sound.
  • Rattlesnake in striking position-great for under toilet lid pranks.

More Items

Moose or Buffalo rawhide powwow drum - $900

Elk hide powwow drum

Alligator Shoulder Mount - $500

Alligator shoulder mount

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