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General Information On Taxidermy Sales

Some taxidermy mounts or parts of protected animals or waterfowl may require certain permits prior to sale or transportation across state lines. All of the taxidermy mounts we offer for sale have been obtained legally and possess the proper required documentation in instances where applicable...more

About Us

On June 1st we opened our completely automated online taxidermy store, making us the largest database driven supplier of taxidermy for sale on-line.

We have the largest selection of tanned taxidermy specimens on hand for immediate shipping as well as special order and sale items. Our database is overflowing with tanned deer capes, elks capes, hides, exotic furs and capes, life size mounts, bird taxidermy and so much more.

We have just about anything you could ask for in the taxidermy industry, so if you don't see something you are looking for, we might even have it on hand just not listed. We have just about everything you can imagine and if we don't have it, we will locate it for you.

African Taxidermy

There isn't much that adds flair to a trophy room like exotic African taxidermy mounts.

We have a long list of African Taxidermy legally obtained African capes ready for mounting plus many resources that help us locate just what you are looking for.

Deer & Elk Capes For Sale

The deer and Elk capes listed in this category, unless otherwise specified, are in great shape with mimimal repairs needed. Tanned Whitetail Deer CapeThey have been cut for shoulder mounts but if specified, pedestal mount capes are available.

Visit the sections on deer capes for sale and elk capes for sale.

Furs For Sale

Furs For SaleAll furs are wet tanned for life size mounts or rugs. You will LOVE the heavy fur quality on these Northern specimens.

If you don't see something you are needing, let us know and we might have it in stock..